Why doesn't soap form micelles in ethanol as they form in water?????????????

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A molecule of soap is made up of two parts- a hydrophilic  polar end and a hydrophobic hydrocarbon part.In a soap solution, the hydrocarbon portion of several soap molecules huddle together  whereas the polar ends project outward into the polar solvent, water. These spherical clusters of hundreds of molecules are called micelle.

In organic solvent like ethanol, soap is completely soluble, hence no micelle formation.


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This is becoz soap doesnt react with ethanol but they react with water as oil and dirt particle present in water can be trapped by HC part hence forming a micelle

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Micelles can be formed only around suspended molecules of oil in a mixture. Ethanol is a very good solvent and it can even dissolve oil to form a clear solution. When soap is applied on oil in presence of ethanol, oil gets completely dissolved in ethanol and hence there are no suspended molecules left for the formation of micelles. In case of water, oil does not dissolve in water and forms a suspension (not a solution). This enables micelle formation in water.

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