why evaporation is called surface phenomenon?

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Evapouration is called a surface phenomenon because as we put water in the presence of sunlight with duration in time the temperature starts increasing and the hydrogen bonds of H2O from the surface starts breaking and the dissociated molecules move upward (lighter in nature) and therfore evapouration takes place from the surface but not inside.

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evaporation happens only in the surface molecules of a liquid. it does not takes place throughout the liquid thus it is called a surface phenomenon.

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Evaporation is known as surface phenomena because molecules of water present on the surface of liquid are bonded weakly as compaered to inner molecules and when temperature increases hydrogen bonding between water molecules breaks.Due to this water molecules tend to evaporate.so that's why it is called as surface phenomena.

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At any given temperature there are liquid particles with different amounts of kinetic energy. A small fraction of these particles which are at the surface having higher kinetic energy, break away from the forces of attraction of other particles and gets converted into vapour.

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Evaporation is a surface phenomena.  lf the surface is more then more is the rate of evaporation. 

Example:If hot tea is poured on two different container ,say one cup and one plate then the tea poured in the plate will evaporate faster. This shows that evaporation is a surface phenomena.


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evaporation is called as surface phenomenon as te rate of evaporation is depended on surface area


when cloths are kept for drying the cloth which is spread more dry faster then which are not spread out dries slowlytake more time thus this conclude that evaporation is surface phenomenon

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It is due to the molecules

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