Why February has only 28 days?

The ancient Romans were pretty pragmatic.  They didn't see a need to put a label on days that didn't need a label.  Their calendar began on the first day of March and ran through the end of December.  It was a ten month calendar (decem means ten) of 304 days.  A calendar was needed to mark schedulable events.  Wars could only be fought during acceptable weather, crops could only be planted or harvested during acceptable weather, festivals weren't much fun in bad weather.  The period between the last day of December and the first day of March was dreary.  Nothing much happened, so there wasn't a need to give it names on the calendar.
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The new months each had 28 days. But that didn't sit well with Numa because even numbers were considered bad luck at the time. So, he added a dayon to January, giving the year an odd-numbered 355days. No one knows why February was left with 28and remained an unlucky month
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Because in every 4 years only 3 years have 28 days of febuary as the earth takes 365 days and 6 hrs. To revolve and finally when four years complete there are 29 days in feb. And thus that year is considered as leap year
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We know that there are leap.years always after 4 years the earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to complete its revolution so extra 6 hors taken either it increases to 29 days or it decreases to 28 days
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Kal batau
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