Thumbs to Garima and Manthan for correct answer. 
It is absolutely correct that finance is the life blood of the every kind business whether it is small, medium or large. As blood is important for body of living beings, similarly finance is important for business to survive. Meet its day-to-day required i.e. for purchasing assets short-term and long-term, for its working capital etc. So, we can say that money/finance/fund are required at every step. Every business can survive if it has sufficient amount of fund or finance.
Thus, it is known as life blood of the business. 

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Finance is called life blood of every business bcoz no business can start and survive without finance.
we need finance to
1. purchase assets 2. pay day to day expenses 3. purchase raw materials 4. for smooth running of business 5. to adopt modern technology.
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Because a business is an economic activity which needs capital n assets with without it cannot be started...so it is the life blood of a budiness
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