Why  friction is a necessary evil?

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Friction is necessary:

1. To walk, To drive a car, roll.

2. To control speed of vehicles, bouncing balls.

3. To operate screws, blots, harnesses, writing.

4. To have a nature free from violent storms, tsunamis, noise and chaos.

Friction is evil:

1. It wastes a lot of energy, decreases efficiency of vehicles.

2. It generates heat and destroy machines.

3. It leads to rashes to your skin when we fall.

4. All forms of motion in contact with other bodies needs a constant force and thus work is done at every step.

5. For physicists it increases the complexity of calculations.

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 A) A nail is fixed in to the wall due to friction

B) Souls of the shoes wear out due to friction

c) Rubbiing of our palms makes us feel warm

D) Stricking a matchstick produces firenby friction

E) friction produces heat when a machine opperated, it is a wastage of energy.

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You are able to walk because of friction. If there had not been friction, you would have slipped all way, and you won’t be able to stop anywhere. Some of the very basic activities are possible only because of friction.

At the same time, it is friction which causes wear and tear to our machines. Moreover we need to apply  a huge amount of energy to overcome friction in various parts of machine.

 Considering all these factors we can ay that friction is a necessary evil.

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due to friction u r able to hold any object, walk on the ground,  vechiles r able to stop due to force of friction. u r able to write on the paper . see almost all the basic things we do is related to friction .

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