why ground water is an importanat source of water????? please answer fast!!!!!!!!!!

Water present under the surface of the earth is known as underground water. Water from rains & other bodies like lakes, rivers seeps down the ground through the process of infiltration thus accumulating as underground water. This ground water is important for both plants and for humans. Plants root obtain water by going deep into the ground. Humans use underground water -for various agricultural purposes,it is source of water in hand pumps also thus used for drinking & other domestic purposes.

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 Ground Water Is An Important Source Of Water Because As rainwater is the main source of water to us and most of it seeps down the ground through the process of infiltration.That Is Why It is an important  Source Of Water

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ground water is important because it is the the only safe water available to us because number of lakes and rivers is less it is the only water source which we can use and the sea water is salty so it leaves only ground water to be the most trustable water source

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