Why has china succeeded in controlling growth rate of population while india has failed?

because it adopted ONE CHILD POLICY
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China has succeeded in controlling population growth as compared to India due to the following reasons:

a) China introduced a one-child norm in the late 1970s and is the major reason for low population growth.
b) The fertility rate is also low in China and higher in India.
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As of one child policy introduced in1979 but now it has been removed
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India has not failed in controlling their growth and population but China has definitely taken different measures to increase it it more faster than its neighbouring countries by using different it initiatives like great leap forward campaign and one child norm policy appraisal of development strategy of China changed from 1978 the new leadership in China was dissatisfied with the pace of growth
There were extension of basic health service in rural area but after 1978 reform there was several reform established each reform was first implemented at a smaller level and then extended on a masses scale development of infrastructure facility help in improving the social and economic income indicator agricultural reform created condition for phenomenal to growth in rural industries
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