why homologous series of carbon compounds are so called? Write two chemical formula of two consecutive members of a homologous series and state the part of these compounds that determine their (a) physical properties and (b)chemical properties.

A homologous series is a series of organic compounds which belong to the same family (i.e. possess same functional group) and show similar chemical properties. The members of this series are called homologue and differ from each other by the number of CH2 units in the main carbon chain.

e.g. CH3-CH3 and CH3-CH2-CH3 are members of the same homologous series, -CH3 and CH2-CH3 determine the physical and chemical properties of the compounds.

The compounds in a homologous series should have
1) similar chemical formulas
2) similar chemical properties
3) physical properties that show a gradual change or trend based on the differences in their formulas

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