Why in tetrahedral complex splitting is inverted and why delta t is less than delta o

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In tetrahedral complex, splitting is inverted and the value of Δt < Δo
‚ÄčIn case of tetrahedral complexes, the splitting of the energy states is exactly opposite to that in octahedral complexes.
as in tetrahedral complexes dxy, dyz, dzx have higher energy compared to the dx2-y2, dz2 levels,
the ligands of tetrahedral complexes come in direct contact with the  dxy, dyz, dzx  orbitals . Thus these orbitals have higher repulsion, due to the electron -electron direct contact and thus higher energy.
Thus dx2-y2, dz2  orbitals do not have direct contact thus lowering the electron electron repulsion and the energy of the orbital.

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