why interphase called resting phase?

inter phase is not called as resting phase 

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Because during this phase the cell is not dividing 

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INTERPHASE prepare the cell for cell division by undergoing cell growth and DNA replication.ie,cell division does not occur here.hence interphase is named as resting phase.

hope u got it.

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  • Interphase represents the phase during which a cell prepares itself for division, grows and DNA is replicated in it. Interphase occupies more than 95% of the duration of the cell cycle.

  • It is divided into 3 phases − G1, S and G2.

    • G1 (Gap1) phase is the phase between the end of mitosis and the initiation of DNA replication. The growth of the cell takes place in this phase.

    • S (synthesis) phase is the phase of DNA replication. DNA content doubles (from 2C to 4C), but chromosome number remains the same. (remains diploid; 2n only). In this phase, the centriole also duplicates.

    • G2 (Gap2) phase is the phase in which the proteins needed for mitosis are synthesised. Cell growth continues in this phase.

    • most of the cell division time is in interphase when the cell prepares for cell division but no actual division takes place

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Interphase is called the resting phase as cell division does not take place during this and it consists 90% of the duration of the cell cycle. However the cell prepares itself internally for the division.

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interphase is called resting stage because teh cell undergoes teh growth in this period and dna replication and the copy ord divisison of other organelles take place butb cell odes not divide ie it is metabolically active hence it is caleed as teh resting stage

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Interphase called resting phase because its chromosome cannot appear even electron microscope .It is actualy the period of biochemical activity
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Inter phase takes place before the cell division in the cell cycle . During which cell prepares itself for cell division and nothing notable happens. The only activity which takes place during this phase is the cell grows in size, DNA replicates and synthesis of protein takes place. However the term is a misguide as the crucial event of DNA replication takes place in this phase without which the cell cycle would have been absent....hence it can be concluded that inter phase is practically not a resting period.
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It called resting phase because here cell take long process to move in another phase
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A series of metabolic chsnges occurs during interphase in cell. But these changes sre not visible under microscope ,so some scientists termed interphase as resting phase.
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Interphase is known as rising phase because it is the very first step of meiosis.
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The interval in the cell cycle between two cell divisions when the individual chromosomes cannot be distinguished, interphase was once thought to be the resting phase but it is far from a time of rest for the cell. It is the time when DNA is replicated in the cell nucleus.
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Because it prepares for cell division.....
Actual division takes place in mitosis
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Interphase?is the 'daily living' or metabolic?phase?of the cell, in which the cell obtains nutrients and metabolizes them, grows, reads its DNA, and conducts other "normal" cell functions.
It's basically called resting phase as there is no division going on.
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