why is a copper wire used in a sonometer to find the frequency of A.C mains?plz i hv my board practicals 2morow.friends and xperts plz help

We use a non -magnetic i.e like copper wire in the sonometer so that it doesn't get affected by a permanent shoe-magnet. But if we use an iron or steel wire, it will be attracted by horse-shoe magnet and will not be able to vibrate under the action of electric current and magnetic field.

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we use non-magnetic

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Because if any magnrtic material is used then it will get struck to thehorse shoe magnet and we nill not be able to observe the fluctuations or the frequency of wire. So instead of that copper wire is used to avoid this problem.
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Since brass and cu wire are non magnetic. So it will not be attracted by tye horse shoe magnet . Instead of using iron wire it would be easily attracted and there will be no movement (up or down) or fluctuation.
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