why is apiculture done??????

You will be able to collect honey and wax from your hive. The beeswax can be used in our wax crafting system to make various wax items. This will be the only way to get beeswax as the beekeepers do not sell it. You will have to gather your own wax from your hive in order to sculpt with it. You can buy your beehive, wax pot addon, small wax pot, dipping sticks and hive tools from the beekeeper.

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apiculture is done to get honey from honey bees .......honey is very useful from medical point of view it is used in ayurvedic medicine.......the term apiculture is derfived from two words means honey and cultrure means to cultivate..................

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 Apiculture(bee keeping)  is a technique of growing bees in hives on large scale for the purpose of extraction of honey and wax. Apiculture is done in areas around rich flora, so that bees can collect good amount of nectars from flowers. Farmers use it as an additional income generating activity.


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 The practice of bee keeping is known as apiculture, and the bee farms are known as apiaries.

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thanks all 4 d ans

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Rearing honey bees for
obtaining honey is called apiculture.
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