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Soumil Saxena , asked a question
Subject: Science , asked on 21/9/13

why is earthworm called a farmer's friend?

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Ishita Singhal , added an answer, on 23/9/13
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Earthworms are known as friends of farmers since they further turn and loosen the soil .Like microbes,they also add humus to it by decomposing the dead plants and animals in the soil.Humus is a storehouse of essential plant nutrients .It provides high water absorption and water holding capacity through the soil by increasing air spaces.On turning the humus rich soil comes up.The manure gets mixed properly with the soil when it is turned and loosened.

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Beshajaya Ande , added an answer, on 21/9/13
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earthworms are called farmers friends because they improve the texture of soil by burrowing into the soil and makes the soil loose and thus allows the air to enter into the soil and water to drain from it,they also form channels in the soil for roots to spread through.


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