why is eiffel tower haunted

It is not surprising that legend speaks of the Eiffel Tower being haunted. According to legend, a young couple once met atop this romantic tower. The young man was taking his belle to the tower to propose marriage. The young woman was determined to end her relationship with her lover and thought that the beauty of the view from the tower might soften the blow. The young man didn't take it well and became enraged. Perhaps his temper was part of the reason the young woman didn't want to marry him. The young man pushed his belle from the top of the tower, ending her life. It is said that the young woman still haunts the Eiffel Tower. Her laughter can be heard atop of the breath-taking structure and sometimes it is accompanied by her scream.

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t is not
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who told you it is haunted???
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No the Eiffel Tower is not haunted because the lights are switched on all day and nght.
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