why is gold preferred for making jewellery?

gold preferred for making jewellery because

1.It is a shiny metal with very attractive shine.

2. It is very soft so can be given any shape easily for making jewellery.

3.It does not undergo corrosion.

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Gold is preferred for making jwellery because gold is lustrous .i.e. have shiny metallic surface, and is less reactive and also because it do not react with water and air

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Gold is easy to by safesaver" id="_GPLITA_0" href="http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_gold_use_make_jewellery#"work and doesn't react with other substances, such as skin and sweat.It has a stable market value that is almost always rising. It is very malleable able to be shaped into many ornate patterns. And it's cost per weight is high, making the jewelry expensive, and thus lucrative to the jeweler. It also does not rust, corrode and is easy to clean, and it is very durable and ductile. Therefore, many, or in fact, most of the people feel that gold is undoubtedly the best metal for jewellery.

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gold is good for invetment

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Gold is preferred for making jewellery because it does not corrode. It is very shiny. It is durable and ductile. The cost of gold is high which is good for jewellers. It is malleable. And most people feel it is the best.

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