why is it easier to cut an apple with a sharp knife rather than a blunt one?

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If the edge of knife is sharp, apple can be cut easily  without much effort. This is because, area of the sharp edge is highly minimized which causes a very high pressure on the apple. On the other hand in case of blunt knife, even a good effort may go futile as the pressure applied by its edge may not be sufficient to cut the apple.

A similar explanation can be given in case of sharp or blunt nail, when you hammer it into the wall.

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 When we apply force on a blunt knife to cut an apple, the area on which the force is applied is greater and so the effect is less.The opposite takes place when we apply force on a sharp knife. Thus less force has to be applied on a sharp knife and cutting an apple becomes easier.

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Coz a sharp's knife's area is less so the pressure increases which helps to cut the knife where as in a blunt knife the contact area is more so pressure is less. Hence it is easier to cut an apple with a sharp knife......

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