why is melting of candle a physical change and burning of candle wick is a chemical change

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Melting of candle is a physical and reversible change because on heating it melts but it becomes wax again when it is cooled. But during the burning of candle wick the wax near the wick melts and converted into liquid wax. This liquid wax vaporises due to heat and also produces carbon dioxide, smoke, heat, light. since new products are formed in this case, buring of candle wick is a chemical change.

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Melting of wax is physical change.
In melting of wax, only the state of wax changes from solid to liquid.
It is a reversible reaction and no new substance is formed.
Burning of candle is both physical and chemical change.
 When the candle burns, the wax slowly melts which freezes after some time (Physical change).
Burning of wick is a chemical change as it involves combustion, and is also irreversible.
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When a candle burns, it is a physical  reaction.

The physical change is quite obvious and in fact, it can be seen. When the candle burns, the wax slowly melts and the candle gets smaller and smaller. This wax, as can be seen, will drip onto the candle and stick to it. When this wax forms back into a solid and stays on the candle, that is another physical change that can occur.

When a candle wick burns its a chemical change is quite obvious and can be seen . when the wick is burnt the wick catches fire and in the end we get a ash form . hence the burning of a wick is a chemical change
The chemical change 


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