Why is sexual reproduction favoured under such adverse conditions?

It provides variations to occur which will ensure the the next generation will be well adapted for such adverse conditions.
This ensures continuity of species.

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This is because sexual mode of reproduction always favour variations and promotes generation of new genetic combinations (variants). During adverse conditions, these variants get selected by the nature and hence, these variants get selected by the nature, as a result of which, they are able to tide over adverse conditions.
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  • Sexually reproducing organisms are more advanced, they have several mechanism to save their genetic code in the form of gametes in the parent. The two parents involved have different sets of genes, from which the best are chosen to give birth to a child. They have more tendency to change according to changing environment. Some changes comes from father n some from mother. It is a mixture of two good things giving rise to the BEST
  • it brings variation to the new offspring enabling it to survive the harsh conditions
  • It provides an organism with an adaptibility feature.
  • It lead to continuity of specie

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