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Mehar , asked a question
Subject: Chemistry , asked on 11/4/13

Why is the bond length of H2O2 greater that bond length of O2F2?


Sumeet Malik , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 16/4/13

We know that fluorine is a strongly electronegative element. So, it has tendency to attract electron density towards itself. Thus, in O2F2 , fluorine attracts electron densities towards itself resulting in smaller O-O bond. 

In H2O2, oxygen is not as strong an electronegative element as fluorine is. So, even though it does attract electron density towards itself but not to the extent and intensity of fluorine. So, H-H bond is not as affected as O-O bond in O2F2.

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Kumar Hemjeet , added an answer, on 11/4/13
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 see here flourine is more electronegative than oxygen..he will witdraw more electrn than oxygen.resulting strong bond and is leads bond length shorter than h202

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Mehar , added an answer, on 11/4/13
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Srinivas S , added an answer, on 11/4/13
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The O-O bond length is shorter in O2F2 than in H2O2 due to higher electronegativity of F atom H2O2 is a covalent compoun
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