Why is the spread of communicable diseases more in monsoon season ?

Communicable diseases refers to those types of diseases which can be transferred from one person to another through the  medium of air etc. During the rainy season, the moisture content in the air increases which provides a more suitable condition for the microbes to grow. As a result, the microbes grow more rapidly in the rainy season and the disease can be communicated to another person easily. Thus the communicable diseases are spread more easily and rapidly in the rainy season.

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in scatinite water

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Because of rain in many palces water gets filled up and gets stagnated. On this stagnent water all mosqitoes comes and then this mosqitoes sit on food or our skin and transfers it 2 our body and we again transfer it others. By this communicable diseases are more in Monsoon season. HOPE IT HELPS U.

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