Why is ther an urgent need to conserve and manage our water resources?mention 3 reasons

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The need of the hour is to conserve and manage water because although the total composition of water on earth is almost 70 per cent but fresh water reserves are only 2 per cent. Hence, in the present scenario of increasing rate of population, the resources in order to be equitably distributed, should be managed and preserved. we need water for the following reasons:

  • to survive
  • irrigation
  • industrial production
  • maintain the balance in nature
Some methods that be used to conserve water are as follows:
  • In hill and mountainous regions, people built diversion channels like the ‘guls’ or ‘kuls’ of the Western Himalayas for agriculture.
  • ‘Rooftop rain water harvesting’ was commonly practised to store drinking water, particularly in Rajasthan.
  • In the flood plains of Bengal, people developed inundation channels to irrigate their fields.
  • In arid and semi-arid regions, agricultural fields were converted into rain fed storage structures that allowed the water to stand and moisten the soil like the ‘khadins’ in Jaisalmer and ‘Johads’ in other parts of Rajasthan.

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since the amount of water available in the Earth is very low.If it is not conserved or managed it may lead to depletion causing water problems to the future generations.

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The distribution of water on the earth
Salt Water97%
Brackish Water0,4%
Fresh Water2,6%
  • Icecaps, Glaciers
  • Ground Water 
    (Water found underground)
  • Rivers, Lakes
    (Surface Water)
  • Atmosphere, Biomass

From the table above, only 0,60% fresh water on earth is available for human consumption and the environment. It will therefore be a wise decision to use this resource efficiently.


Save Money
Conserving water saves you money! Not only will your water bill go down, but as you heat less water, your gas or energy bill will also decline. If your whole community conserves, you will also pay less fees for water-related services. Water conserving communities will not need to pay as much to develop new supplies and expand or upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure.



Water conservation is not a job that is just for the technician, soil scientist, hydrologist, forester, wildlife manager, plant scientist, city planner, park manager, farmer, rancher, or mine owner alone. It is a job for the every day person who just likes to have access to the life sustaining resource of water. We must all recognize that water conservation really is our personal responsibility and not just leave it up to other people. We all enjoy the many ways that we use water, so why not do our part in caring for our water?

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