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Aparna N , asked a question
Subject: Biology , asked on 23/9/09

 why is vegetative propagation practiced for growing some vegetables

S.Nimma , added an answer, on 13/3/13

Yeah, really don't show off.

Especially when you use words that aren't correct. Like fastly. That's not even a word. And check your grammar. I don't know who teaches you English but you're pathetic at it.

If you don't know what pathetic is, let me explain. It means really really bad.

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Dhyanesh Dev , added an answer, on 3/3/13

 dont show off

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Chaman Gupta , added an answer, on 24/9/09

vegetative propagation is used in  some type of plants because it is a faster method of growing  new offsprings. The seedless plants can be reproducted by vegetative propagation. Even if the plants have the seed then also reproduction in that plant can be easily and fastly done by vegetative propagation.


Please don't ask this simple questions . Ask some questions about your level.

I am studing in 7th class and I easily gave the answer of this question.

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