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Shobhitanshu , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 19/10/11

Why Mumbai recevies more amount of rainfall than Pune despite of having less distance among them ?


saurav.ghosh , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 15/11/11

Mumbai receives more rainfall than Pune as it is located on the coast and Pune is in the interior. Mumbai lies on the windward side of Western Ghats while Pune is located on the leeward side. Windward refers to the direction from which the rain-bearing south west monsoon winds approach the land from sea. Lee ward refers to the region that is shielded from these winds by a natural barrier, in this case, the hills of Western Ghats. This region is drier and is referred to as rain-shadow due to this feature.

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Aimey Augustine , added an answer, on 20/10/11
3 helpful votes in Social Science

Both mumbai and pune recives rainfall from the south west monsoon.Mumbai recives more rainfall because it lies on the leeward side of western ghats.While pune lies on the windward side and comes under rainshadow area.

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Shobhitanshu , added an answer, on 21/10/11
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I understand the answers 50%, to make it 100% , please explain the leeward side and windward side. Please explain the terms according to Geography but not according to actual English meanings.

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