Why my answer came out to be wrong. Experts please provide explanation. Thank you.

Dear Student,

Ans. Option a) is correct.
Main objectives of production of GM crops is to eliminate weeds from the field without the use of manual labour. 

GM (Genetically modified) crops are the crops in which a gene from some other organism (such as another plant or a microorganism) is inserted into the plant to get the desired characteristic such as disease resistance, response to fertilizers, product quality and high yields. For example: Cotton, Maize, Papaya, Soybean, Sugarbeet, Squash, etc.
The GM crops were introduced to help the farmer control weeds without the help of manual labour. 

The answer that you've marked is incorrect because:
GM crops do not eliminate weeds from the field without the use of herbicides.
Glyphosate is one of the world’s most common herbicide.
The crops engineered for glyphosate are resistant to herbicides. These are used to kill weeds such as leaves and grasses. These weeds compete with the crops for food and shelter and thereby decreases the crop yield.
However, the GM crops are resistant to glyphosate so they are not affected by the application of herbicides on weeds such as glyphosate.


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