why Ni(nh3)2cl2 does not exihibit isomerism??ques 29

why Ni(nh3)2cl2 does not exihibit isomerism??ques 29 x_p•:- Crystal field stabilization energy for high spin octahedral complex is (a) 1.8 s (c) - 1.2 (b) (d) -0.6 (Prelims 2010) 29. 30. 31. 32. -Ihe existance of two different coloured complexes with the composition of is due to (a) linkage isomerism (b) geometrical isomerism (c) coordination isomerism (d) ionization isomerism. (Prelims 2010) Which one of the following complexes is not expected to exhibit isomerism? (Mains 2010) Out of coF6 cu2C12 and (Z of Ti = 22, 27, cu = 29, Ni = 28) the colourless species are (a) Cu2C12 and NiC14 (b) Tin and CuzC12 (c) coe- and NiC142- (d) and (Prelims 2009) Which of the following does not show optical isomerism? (Prelims 2009) i (en = ethylenediamine) Which of the following complex ions is expected to absorb visible light? hp.v = bipyTidyi 26, co-2 34. In which of th the magnitude will be maximu (At. No. co=2 35. Which of the enantiomorphst (b) [Co(enhC12) (en NH2CH2CF 36. The d electron co and Ni2• are 3th. Which one of the exhibit the mini 37. (At. No. cr = 24. moment of 3.83 B 3d electrons in th (a) 3dl„. (b) 3d!2.

[Ni(NH3)2Cl2] does not show isomerism as it is a tetrahedral molecule and tetrahedral molecules do not show isomerism. This is because, the relative positions of the uni-dendate ligand when attached to central atom are identical. Thus, we see that there is no geometrical isomerism. For stereo-isomerism, the four attached ligand should necessarily be different, but here we have 2 NH3 and 2 Cl.


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