why org are not able to accomplish all their objectives always

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Organisations are not always able to accomplish all their objectives due to the following reasons
  1. Planning Leads to Rigidity: The plan decides how the work will progress in the future and managers are not in a position to change it. This creates a problem as flexibility is very important.
  2. Planning May not Work in a Dynamic Environment The business environment is dynamic where nothing is constant. Planning cannot foresee everything and thus there may be obstacles to effective planning.
  3. Planning Reduces Creativity: Planning is generally done by the top management. Usually the rest of the members just implement these plans. As a consequence, middle management and other decisions makers are neither allowed to deviate from plans, thus planning in a way reduces creativity since people tend to think along the same lines as others, there is nothing new or innovative.
  4. Planning Involves Huge Cost: Planning involves huge cost in their formulation. These may be in terms of time and money. The costs incurred sometimes may not justify the benefits derived from the plans.
  5. Planning is a Time Consuming Process: Sometimes their formulation takes up so much of time that there is not much time left for their implementation and the objectives to be achieved.

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as some times the plan selected by an organisation is not implimented efficiently as the other functions of menagement I.e organising , staffing ,diracting , controlling etc are not performded well there the planning function can not gurantee succes
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