Why ozone hole forms over Antartica region only? How will it enhance UV radiation effect?

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The ozone hole is more prominent over the region of Antarctica because of the presence of unique kind of atmospheric conditions which are present nowhere else on the Earth. The winter temperatures are very low over there due to which there is formation of polar stratospheric clouds which enhances the formation of ozone hole. Also it is formed due to an increased concentration of chlorine in the atmosphere.

Chlorine is mainly released from chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) widely used as refrigerants. The CFC’s magnate from the troposphere to the stratosphere, where they release chlorine atoms by the action of UV rays on them. The release of Chlorine atoms causes the conversion of ozone into molecular oxygen. One atom of chlorine can destroy around 10,000 molecules of ozone and causes ozone depletion.

The formation of the ozone hole will result in an increased concentration of UV - B radiations on the Earth’s surface. UV −B damages DNA and activates the process of skin ageing. It also causes skin darkening and skin cancer. High levels of UV −B cause corneal cataract in human beings.

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