Why Samajwadi party is not a national party?

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a. Political party is an organised group of people having common ideology and its aim is to contest elections and come to power.
There is a certain criteria laid out , to be able to be recognised as a state party or a national party.
c. For a national party , â€‹party that secures 6% of the total votes polled In Lok Sabha elections and wins atleast in four states in Assembly elections is recognised as a national party.
d. A state party is one which secures 6% of the votes polled in assembly elections and wins atleast in two states.
e. Samjwadi party is primarily based in UP, and presently is not in power in the state.
f. It does not fulfill the criteria of being a National party.
g. Presently, it has 2 MLA's in Bihar and one in West Bengal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
h. In fact, the party is also losng its ground in UP.



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It is a state party . As it has only win 6% votes in legislative assembly and wins at least two seats
To be a national party it should secure at least 6% of total votes in loksabha infour statesand four seats in lok sabha.
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