Why should manure be preferred over fertilisers ?

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even i hade the same dout you can ask the experts maybe
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fertilizers are chemical and are not very eco-friendly. However manure helps to support growth of a plant in a safe and eco-friendly manner
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manure are eco friendly and best for killing insects without harming the envirment whereas fertilizers are cemical and harmfull to envirment and ozone layer .
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Manures should be preffered over fertulizers as they are made naturally and cheaper and do not cause water pollution and are good for plants.

Fertilizers are acidic and can even barren the land, often permanently. They have chemicals in them which are harmful for consumers and are even cheaper,
Therefore we should manures instead of fertilizers

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Fertilizers are harmful and friuts and vegetables we get is harmful to eat
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fertilizers always made up of chemicals. chemicals are not eco friendly to the environment
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fertilizers are always made of chemical and chemical are not eco friendly to the environment
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