why should we keep magnets away from electronic devices?

we should keep a magnet away from electronic devices because it has an electro magnet in the devise and it could get spoilt

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Thank you parent. You were helpful.

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We should keep magnet away from electric devices because as magnet will attract the material the maybe damaged
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It so because these devices contain electromagnets,so not only the device will get spoiled but also the magnet will lose its magnetic property.
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We shoul keep magnet away from the electric devic so that the magnet cannot spoil or demagnitize the eletric device.

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It depends on what is the strength of magnet. If it is a Nd52 magnet with a high field, then better not to keep electronic items close to it. Also NdFeB magnet shaving field about 0.3 T or higher can erase credit cards, Be careful when you carry credit cards in the vicinity of strong magnets.
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