why should we take the third option why not the second option????

Please tell me fast??????
Its my exam

Dear Student,

In the chapter 'Fair Play', the greedy Jumman was taught a lesson by Algu which soured their relationship. Jumman wanted to take his revenge when he was made the head panch but he soon realised that the voice of the panchayat is the voice of God which must always practice justice. That is why we can say that the moral of the story is the third option : "The voice of the panch is the voice of god".


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I am sorry but i do not know the story so how will I answer this question because i t is based on the story you learnt
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Its from fair play
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But i could tell about the grammar mistake that the third option should be,
"Let no one deviate from the truth...............
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I'm sorry....we haven't done this chapter in our school
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