why should women avoid papaya during pregnancy?list 2 more fruits and vegetables to be avoided

Your friend has correctly. You may refer to her answer.

It is said that avoid eating pineapple during pregnancy as it may lead to the softening of the cervix which may cause early labour.

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 The problem with Papaya is that in an unripe state the Papaya contains high concentrations of a Latex, this latex concentration reduces upon ripening and once completely ripe has almost no latex left.

The Papaya latex's main constitiuants are papain and chymopapain which have teratogenic (abnormalities of physiological development) and abortifacient (Can induce an abortion) effects . It does this by increasing the chances of uterine contractions as the papain acts like prostaglandin and oxytocin which are known to put a mothers body into labour and hence an adverse effect on the babies and mothers health.

The Latex can also cause marked oedema and haemorrhagic placentas which are bleeding and hemorrhaging from the edge of the placenta, this can result in severe complications in pregnancy and normally an early delivery

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