Why Sulekha was nicnamed as Bholi?? FROM THE LESSON BHOLI?? Pls experts answer fast i am in urgent need of it

Please find this answer

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As sulekha was considered to be a bazckward child , she was called Bholi, the simpleton.
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Sulekha was names as Bholi because when she was 10 months ,fell off the cot which damaged some part of her brain making her a backward child.She was as innocent as a cow who didn't understand anything. She only started speaking at the age of five but stammered. She was intellectually a slow child as compared to other children of her age.
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Sulekha fell down from the cot when she was 10 months old.This damaged some part of her brain and led to a speaking disability which made her stammer. She was later affected by small pox that left pock marks on her face.Hence she was a backward child which gave rise to her nick name Bholi the simpleton
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