why testis lie outside the abdominal cavity

Testes are located outside the abdominal cavity within a pouch called the scrotum . The testes produce sperms. But for this they require a temperature, which is 2 – 2.5°C lower than the temperature of the rest of the body. Therefore, they are protected inside the scrotum.

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Testis is located outside the abdominal cavity because it requires less temperature than body temperature i.e, 2-5 degree
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That is because sperm formation requires lesser temperature than the normal body temperature.

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dis is bcoz testis requre lower temp. than the body temp. for the formation sperms

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 Testis is located outside the abdominal cavity because the sperm formation requires a temperature lower than the body temperature.

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it is because its temperature is 1-3degreeC lower than the normal body temperature, which is essential for the production of sperms or male gametes.


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The formation of the sperm requires a lower temperature than the body temperature and the sperm are formed in the testis therefore testis lies outside the abdominal cavity.

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Testes lie in the scrotum outside the abdominal cavity. It is so as it keeps the temperature 1-3degreeC(approx. 35 degree) less than that of the body(i.e about 37 degree C). A lesser temperature is required for the sustenance of sperm which is provided by the scrotum.

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Sperm production works best at temperatures slightly lower than body temperature. The scrotum allows for some regulation. When it's cold, the testes are pulled in close to the body. If it is hot, they hang real low.

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