Why the houses in Rajasthan have Thick walls and flat roofs?


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 mittal maam explain ki thi wait

they have flat roofs to prevent the direct sunlight of the sun    

they have thick walls to keep the room temperature cold  even in summers

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rite !!

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since in rajasthan rainfall is very less slanting roofs cnnot hold water so houses have flat roofs

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to keep the  room temperature cool even in summer

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        Because of the harsh climate of Rajasthan.

  • It has thick walls in order to keep the house cool. Thick walls stops the heat entering inside the house somewhere in between them and so the house remains cold.
  • Houses do have flat roofs because there is less or no rainfaal in that area and people sprinkle water above their roofs so that when it dries it takes the latent heat with it leaving behind a cooling effect.




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sahi baat hai

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 sweet and short answer

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 sun contain infraredrays that produce heat ,thick walls protect us from heat.

Flat roof reflect the sunrays.

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yes they all are correct

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Houses in Rajasthan have thick walls because:-

  1. Houses in Rajasthan have thick walls to protect against the extreme heat and harsh cold of the desert climate.

  2. They also have flat roofs in order to collect rainwater as rainfall is scanty in this part of the country.

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houses have flat roofs to prevent direct sunlight, does not have slanting roof because water can't be collected in dry area but it is flat so that water can be sprinkled to give cooling effect.

houses have thick walls to prevent heat coming inside so house remains cooler

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why is thathouses in tarai regionand in goa and manglorehave sloping roofs

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