Why the inter-conversion of states of matters is considered as a physical change? Give three reasons to justify your answer.

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The interconversion of the states of matter is a physical change due to the following reasons:
  1. The change is reversible. A substance can revert back to its original state by physical means.
  2. No new chemical substance is formed. The chemical identity of the substance remains the same in the different states. Ice, water and water vapour are chemically H2O although they are present as solid, liquid and gaseous states respectively.
  3. There is no change in the chemical properties of the substance.

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  1. These conversions are reversible 
  2. There is no change in chemical properties of the substance during interconversion of states. 
  3. No new substance is produced. 
  4. No heat energy is absorbed or evolved during interconversion of states. 
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