Why the ministers are more powerful than civil servants?

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  • they are elected by the electorate, as per the mandate of the people
  • the political executives are directly accountable to the people, hence they enjoy popularity.
  • they may head ministry, the permanent executive work under them.
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 MInisters are more powerful than civil servants as the ministers are elected by the people and only the ministers know the people's interests well as compared to the civil servants. Therefore, in our indian electoral system, more priority is given to people's interests and so the ministers are given more power than the civil servants.

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ministers are more powerful since they are directly elected by people

civil servants(political & permanent executives) are appointed by ministers 

thus, ministers have more power

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Civil servants are more educated..they know more about the subject.....but minister dont know much about his ministry....but he is more powerful bcoz he is elected by people....he is finally answerable to people...

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