why there is hardly any difference between the day and night at the equator but not so in the polar region [ans asap]

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a. There is hardly any  between the day and night at the equator because  sun rays hit directly  at the equator and goes on decreasing as we move towards the poles.
b.  The places here have exact 12 hours of  
day and night throughout the year, which however varies as we move towards North or South.
c. Since Earth 
is tilted on its axis by about  23.5 degrees and it revolves around the sun  , as a result poles are tilted towards and away from the sun  and experience variation in day and night .


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Because Earth revolves on its axis in a fixed orbit so there is no any effect of season on equator. It has fix interval of 12 hrs rotation of equator. So there is hardly difference in say and night at equator.
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