Why there was a popular support for conservative dictatorship?

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The condition of Germany and rise of Hilter after world War I is best example to  popular support for conservative dictatorship
1.Germany was compelled to sign the treaty by which she had to pay a huge war indemnity. This treaty created the feeling of dissatisfaction among the people of Germany. The Weimar Republic was regarded as a symbol of national disgrace. Hitler assured the Germans about the restoration of the old prestige, so they became his followers.
(ii) Germany had to face a Great Economic crisis after the First World War. Many soldiers were no more in service, so they became unemployed. Trade and commerce were ruined. In 1929, there was, however, a great slump in Europe. Germany was in the grip of unemployment and starvation. The prices rose and the value of money fell.
(iii) The Germans had no faith in democracy. It was against their culture and tradition.They were searching for a messiah to conserve their culture and to make Germany invincible.

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