Why trimethylamine is weaker base than dimethylamine explain reason and cr has how many unpaired electron in its ground state why and how

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Amines are basic in nature due to the presence if unshared pair of electron on N. Greater the ease to donate this lone pair of electron, greater is the basicity of amine.
In dimethylamine, due to the presence of two electron donating -CH3 group, electron density of N increases which makes the donation of lone pair easy and thus dimethylamine is a strong base.
However, trimethylamine despite the presence of three -CH3 groups is a weaker base compared to it. This is due to steric crowding which makes the approach and bonding by a proton more difficult i.e. the path is blocked due to the presence of three methyl groups. This decreases its basicity.
Therefore, dimethylamine is a stronger base than trimethylamine.

Electronic configuration of Cr in ground state = [Ar] 3d5 4s1
Number of unpaired electrons = 6
This is because, the electronic configuration of Cr must be [Ar] 3d4 4s2 and number of unapired e;ectrons must be 4, but in order to gain half filled stability, one electron from 4s goes to 3d to make 3d5 configuration giving  total 6 unpaired electrons.

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