1.  Why was arc important in the constructing of an angle?...
  2.  Why perpendicular line are in right angle ?....
  3. What is the use of angle ?... hope you can make me understand >>>>>>

1. Arcs help to measure equal distances from a point in different directions. Also, it helps to measure equal distances from   

    more than one points which is not possible using scale.  Also, it helps to measure the opening or measure of the angle. 

    These things are really important while constructing the angles.

2. Lines which intersect each other at the angle of 90 or at right angle are known as perpendicular lines. That is why if we are 

    given with perpendicular lines then it is understood that they are at right angle. 

3. Angle is all around us in almost every geometric figure. Angle used in construction of different things like buildings, vehicles, 

    tools, making boundaries of fields etc.   

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 1) arc was so important because it is the measure of an angle.

i will explain it to you.

if suppose you move in a giant wheel . if you go from the top position to the bottom position.

so you say i have gone pie*r distance in the giant wheel where r is the distance between your seat and the center.

but do you always know the r ??


so you can simply say you have moved 180o.

so when you talk about arc , the angle will give a measure of the length of the arc.

so, angle is very useful.

2) see perpendicular itself means 90o.

so, perpendicular lines are those lines which meet perpendicularly or at 90o.

so, eventually, they are in a right angle.

3) angles are very important in many fields for eg: architecture, building purposes.

and one more thing is that it gives the measure of arc.

hope it helps!!


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