Why was Hitler against Jews ?

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The sole reason for Hitler's hatred against Jews lies in the fact that when you tell the majority of people that the minority threatens them, they are convinced that they must do everything in power to get rid of that minority. Hitler was a fascist, totalitarian dictator with no regards for any people. He merely targetted the minority or here the JEWS as propaganda for the majority of the people to support him by villainising the Jews. 

The reasons according to the textbook, why Hitler hated Jews are the following-

1)He was a racist and borrowed from thinkers like Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer. The Nazis wanted only a society of ‘pure and healthy Nordic Aryans’. They alone were considered ‘desirable’. The Nazi argument was simple: the strongest race would survive and the weak ones would perish. The Aryan race was the finest whereas the Jews, Gypsies and Blacks were considered unfit and subhuman. It had to retain its purity, become stronger and dominate the world...
2)The other aspect of Hitler’s ideology was to do with the geopolitical concept of Lebensraum or living space. He believed that new territories had to be acquired for settlement. This would enhance the area of the mother country while enabling the settlers on new lands to retain an intimate link with the place of their origin. It would also enhance the material resources and power of the German nation

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He followed the the philosophy "survival of the strongest".............
And to his view Jews were the weakest among all....
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Because the Jews were responsible who had killed the Jesus.... And Hitler had a strong faith in Jesus... So he was just taking a revenge from all the jews
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I think it helps you

Hitler did not invent the hatred of Jews. Jews in Europe had been victims of discrimination and persecution since the Middle Ages, often for religious reasons. Christians saw the Jewish faith as an aberration that had to be quashed. Jews were sometimes forced to convert or they were not allowed to practise certain professions.
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because he thinks that jews and communists had betrayed the country and brought a left-wing government to power. And when the army hitler was in lost the first world war, he blamed his loss on the jews and made a goal to exterminate all of the jews.
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