Why was Margie's mother particular about regular study hours of kids?

Ans: because she thought that learning at regular hours helped children learn better....she also thought that a teacher should be able to fit knowledge in every child's mind.That is why mechanical teacher was on always except Saturday and Sunday.
Is it correct?

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Given below is the answer to your question.

Yes, Margie had regular days and hours for school. The mechanical teacher always turned on at the same time every day except Saturdays and Sundays. This was because her mother believed that learning at regular hours helped little girls learn better.

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yEAH.Her mother thought that girls learn better when they study at daily hours .Therefore the mechanical teacher was on at the same time every day except sunday.But magie hated the mechanical teacher so much that she began to fail in subjects like geography..
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Yes this is correct
You may also add on a point that Margie's mother was a strict parent in terms of studying.
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yeah...its correct
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