Why was the maharaja so anxious to kill the hundredth tiger?

The chief astrologer had already predicted that the Maharaja was born in hour of bull and that his death would be caused by a tiger. The chief astrologer had specially warned the Maharaja to save himself from the wrath of the hundredth tiger. Having killed ninty-nine tigers, the Maharajawas specially anxious to kill the hundreath tiger. By killing the hundreath tiger he would totally eliminate all the chances of his being killed by a tiger.

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because the priest told him dat 100th tiger will kill him
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The Mahraja was anxious to kill the hundredth tiger coz the priest had told him he would be killed by the hundredth tiger & if he killed the hundredth tiger he would become immortal.
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to evade his predicted death by the astrologers
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As the great maharaja was born the priest said that he would be killed by a Tiger the maharaja with his voice said I will kill all the 99 tigers, the priest interupted saying that eventhough you ill the 99th tiger the hundreth will surely kill you.
So the maharaja was anxious about killing the hundreth tiger...
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