Why were the Franks forced to hide? How did Ann and other members manage

themselves? What sort of relationship did she have with other inmates? ( July 9, 1942 –
Nov 9, 1942 ) PLEASE. URGENT... THANK YOU...

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The Frank family had to go into hiding primarily to save themselves from being sent to the concentration camps by the Nazis as the latter were guided by the ideology of exterminating the Jews.  Also, the Frank's decision to move into the Annex was accelerated because Margot was called up by the SS.

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the franks were forced to go to hiding as they were jews. hitler saw jews as filthy creatures. they were treated very badly. they were sent to concentration camps.... so to avoid all this they went to hiding. 

u can also mention about the bad treatment recieved by jews ... like the star they were supposed to wear.. 

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could someone plzzz answer fr the second part !!!! Plzzzzzz....urgent.... thank you

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What were franks forced to hide ? How did anne and other member manage themselves ?what sort of relation she have with them
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