why wheat is grown in northern part of India?

Wheat is grown as one of the important Rabi crops in India .Conditions that are best suited for the growth of wheat crop are – cool and wet climate during the growing season of crop and dry warm climate at the time of its ripening, along with the alluvial soil and good irrigation facilities. Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and some of the other regions of northern India to some extent have such suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of wheat. So, major contribution in the total wheat production of India is given by northern region. The region (Punjab Haryana and Uttar Pradesh) often called Wheat Bowl of India.
  However it is also grown in other parts of India. Other regions include peninsular India, southern hills and central region. But the contribution of these areas towards the total wheat production is less as compared to the northern region. So Northern Region is considered as the chief wheat growing area.


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because wheat needs the right climate and the right type of soil.So,thats why wheat is grown in india.

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Wheat is grown exclusive winter crop (Rabi). In India wheat is mostly grown in northern parts as it requires cool temperatures for flowering and grain formation. Also Northern areas contain loamy soil which is good for the cultivation of wheat.

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