why when finding the inverse of a matrix do we do 
A=IA   for rows
A=AI  for column?

Let three matrices X, Y and Z are of same order(square matices) such that X = Y×Z.
If we do elementary operation on X we need to do same elementary operation on right side on one of Y and Z.
If we do row operation on both sides then we need to do operations on X and Y
And if we do column operation then we need to do operations on X and Z.
In finding the A-1 we can either write A=AI or A = IA
But in the right side of equation we always need to do operation on I.
Therefore, when we use row operation, we write A=IA and for column operation, we write A=AI.

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There is no explaination for this it is a rule for elementary operatiins.
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