Why will Amanda not let down her bright hair?

Dear Student,

Amanda was scolded for eating too many chocolates. At this stage, Amanda expressed her desire to be Rapunzel. She did not like being constantly nagged and instructed by her parents. She wanted a peaceful and calm life. She felt that if she were Rapunzel she would live peacefully. Rapunzel is a character from a fairy tale who was captured in her tower by a witch. The witch used to enter the tower through the long hair of Rapunzel.  Rapunzel let her hair down through the window. Amanda did not want to commit the same mistake. She wanted to live in the tower, but she did not want to let her hair down.


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I am not a genius but still trying to answer this 

because she don't want that like the case rapunzal somebody enter her tower and threaten her

hope it helps


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