Why will two oxides of iron will be produced at the product side?

Why will two oxides of iron will be produced at the product side? 2. YCRp.t nge the fdlowing metals in the order of increasing mdting pent. Na, cu, cs, Fe What is the action of water on : (i) Sodium (ii) Magnesium Aluminium 3. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Choose the acidic. basic & neutral oxides from the following: H20, CO, Nzo, Mgo, SOZ. con Nazo Com*te and Balance the following equation Give the chemical formulae for the given compounds (B) Chile salt petre (A) Glauber's salt Give the name of most electropositive and most electronegative element. Explain the formation of NaCl molecule. What is the name given to this type of bonding. In the formation of ABS, atom A gives one electron to each B atom. What is the nature of Bond in AB3. Give two properties Of AB3. What is Baeyer's process. Give the name of two alloys of the metal with their respective Explain the following : (A) Aluminium vessels can be used to store concentrated nitric acid. (B) Reduction of manganese dioxide cannot be done by carbon. (C) A solid salt becomes a good conductor in meten state. (D) Covalent compounds have low melting and boiling points. (E) In moist air, copper corrodes to produce a greenish layer on its surface. Why is CO a better reducing agent than carbon at high temperature? Why cannot carbon or carbon monoxide be used to reduce A1203? Why are sulphide ores converted to oxides prior to their reduction with carbon? What is meant by anode mud and what are the metals that may be present in the anode mud during refining of copper? Why does A1203 dissolve in NaOH and not iron oxide?

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Since the iron has variable electrovalency +2 and +3 , this is due to the presence of vacant d- orbital , that is why it forms two oxides iron(II) oxide and iron (II) oxide respectively.

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