why women r less in regular salaried job < 6 points >

The following are some of the reasons for low participation rate of women in regular salaried jobs.

1.Low Level of Skill- Low level of education and skill devoid women of the opportunities to get gainful employment in regular salaried jobs. As a result, they engage themselves in low paying casual jobs that require low level of skill and specialisation.

2. Family Dependance- In India, the decision to take up jobs by the female members rests on their family’s decisions rather than their individual decision. Women are often discouraged to take up jobs.

3. Poverty- Owing to poverty in both the rural areas and urban areas women engage themselves in low productive jobs just to support the livelihood of their families.

4. Low Literacy- The female literacy rate in India is quite low. As a result, women find it difficult to find employment in the regular salaried jobs that require greater level of education and skill.  

5. Less Willingness for Employment in Urban Areas- It is often found that as the urban families usually earn comparatively higher income than the rural families so, there is lesser need and willingness for the female members to get themselves employed.

6 Greater Inclination towards Traditional Jobs-Women in rural areas have greater inclination towards the  traditional jobs such as weaving, handicrafts, etc. than the regular salaried jobs.

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